Scandinavian Pottery

Scandinavian Pottery


We have a fine and growing selection of Mid Century Modern pottery and glass from Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

The photo at right is some of the items we displayed at the Pier Show in NYC in November.  More has come in since then.

These have not been individually catalogued, but if you are interested in an item or group of items, please contact us at for individual pictures if it is still in stock.  

We regularly have items from the companies and artists listed below and also  pieces from other artists and studios. 

Scand. Pot. Selections
Scand. Pot. Selections
Swedish pottery
Royal Copenhagen
Rorstrand Sweden
Palshus & Palm Denmark
Palshus and others

This section will be developed in the near future to better display available pieces.  Until then please email to see individual pictures and I will try to send them as soon as practical.

 Look for our schedule to see if we are coming to a show near you./i/Scandi/tn_Pier1108_003.JPG

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