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Utensil Racks/ Drip Trays Utensil Racks/ Drip Trays

The function of these wall hung cooking utensil racks was to catch the drips and grease from the laddles, skimmers and spoons that were used during cooking.  These practical items were used in many European countries during the first half of the Twentieth Century.  Unless otherwise noted all of the trays curently up for sale are from France.  Today these colorful heavily enameled items make great decorative accent pieces.

Pitchers Pitchers

Water pitchers or "body" pitchers as the large ones are called come in a variety of colors and patterns.  Size and shape also varies somewhat which lends a nice aestetic apeal to a grouping or similar or complimentary colors.  A single pitcher is a very versatile starter piece for someone just starting to decorate with enamelware.  They can go anywhere from on the floor, to a counter, table or shelf.  They look very stylish in an entranceway, hallway, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, living room or den.  Indoors or out on a porch, sun room, pool area or anyother place you can imagine.

Their wide base makes them very stable and their large size make them perfect for displaying a large bunch of flowers or other plant material.  They are great for long sprigs of pussy willows or forsythia in the Spring and bunches of cut or wild flowers all summer long.  Daisys or black eyed Susans look great in blue as do Queen Annes lace and goldenrod.  In late summer they are no overpowered by large sunflowers, gladiolas or hydrangers (fresh or dried).  Colorful fall foliage or dried grasses or broad leafed forbs or holiday greenery carry through the rest of the year.  Of course they are always handy (and perhaps invitingly so) when someone unexpectedly brings you that bunch of fresh flowers.

Coffee Biggins and Pots Coffee Biggins and Pots

Coffee biggins (drip brewing) and coffee servers are among the most interesting pieces of enamel to collect and display.  There is a wide variety of shapes and colors.  They are very attractive singly or in groupings.


Sels Sels
Sel is French for Salt.  Sels or salt boxes were hung on the wall near the stove or could sit on a shelf on or near the stove where they were convienient for adding a "pinch of salt" while cooking.  Salt boxes come in a variety of colors and patterns and as such make colorful and attractive accents to hang on a wall or sit on a counter.  Many of them match other pieces such as Utensil racks, Allumettes and Cannisters.  Lettering styles also varied so a grouping of similarly colored Sels would also make an interesting collection and display.
Allumettes Allumettes
Allumettes means matches in French.  These wall hung match boxes make interesting and functional decorative accents.  Many of the colors and patterns match the Sels, Utensil racks and other colorful French Enamelware pieces.  They do provide a convienient place to keep your matches so you always know where to find them when you want to light a candle or the fireplace.  A grouping of several of these would also make a nice colorful and interesting display.
Canisters Canisters

Canisters are very popular counter top or shelf accessories.  They are both functional and decorative in either full sets of six or in partial sets or even singlely.  Sets may contain Sucre (sugar), Farine (flour), Cafe (coffee), Pates (pasta), Chicoree (chicory), Epices (spices), The (tea) and Poivre.  Complete sets in good condition are increasingly harder to find. 


Towel Racks Towel Racks

These are wall hung towel racks from France.  A different towel was used for hands, dishes, cutlery and glasses.  These are great colorful accent pieces to hang on your wall whether or not you hang small embroidered towels from the hooks.

Some people use them to hang keys or key rings from the hooks to make these items functional as well as decorative.  Crocheted pot holders can also be kept handy on these hooks.

A small grouping of towel racks in a variety of shapes and colors would also make interesting use of empty wall space.

Pails Pails

These colorful waste pails often came with matching water pitcher and basin or other toiletry items.  Today they make stunning accent pieces.  They are also functional in that they make good safe pest free containers for pet food etc on a shelf or counter top.

Lavabo Lavabo

Lavabos were fountains for washing hands.  They could be used in gardens, kitchen or bath.  Water was placed in the top piece and could be made to slowly flow out by turning the spigot.  The bottom part acted as a basin for catching the water.

Now these are primarily decorative items often used in a bathroom or garden but could be hung anywhere that a stunning splash of color will add to the decor.

Functional as well as decorative aspects can be added by using a lavabo to hold trailing plants, rolled hand towels or face cloths or decorative carved soaps.

When displayed properly a lavabo can really set a room apart.

Childrens Lunch Pails Childrens Lunch Pails


Childrens French enamel lunch pails come in avariety of sizes and colors.  The medium size in light green or yellow speckled are the most common.  Other colors include dark green, brown, tan, cream, orange and blue in various speckled combinations and sometimes in solid colors.  Other sizes include small, large ands rarely extra large.  Most have the familiar octagon shape , but earlier ones are curved.  Complete lunch pails include an alluminum tray inside and wire handle.

Childrens lunch pails make an interesting collection on a shelf or counter top and are useful for holding assorted loose items such as candies, sugar packets, tea bags, loose change or miscelleaneous small do dads.

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