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If you wish to purchase something, you can contact us at  hkny@optonline.net

Since each of these items is unique we recommend that you contact us before making a purchase or immediately after paying at checkout to verify that we still have the item in stock.  We can also answer any questions you may have regarding the item and send you close up pictures, if desired, so you know exactly what you are buying before we send it out.


Instant purchases can be made through PayPal

We can process Visa , Mastercard or Am. Ex. over the telephone on square.   OR

We can give you an address where you can send a Check or Money Order.

We will try to pack and ship your item usually within the same or next day of payment depending on the urgency and time availability.

There may occasionally be delay before, during or after shows when we cannot get back to you immediatly.  Please leave a message and bear with us as it is the nature of the business and these unique items will be well worth waiting for.


Harry and Ginny

Harry and Ginny's Antique