Water pitchers or "body" pitchers as the large ones are called come in a variety of colors and patterns.  Size and shape also varies somewhat which lends a nice aestetic apeal to a grouping or similar or complimentary colors.  A single pitcher is a very versatile starter piece for someone just starting to decorate with enamelware.  They can go anywhere from on the floor, to a counter, table or shelf.  They look very stylish in an entranceway, hallway, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, living room or den.  Indoors or out on a porch, sun room, pool area or anyother place you can imagine.

Their wide base makes them very stable and their large size make them perfect for displaying a large bunch of flowers or other plant material.  They are great for long sprigs of pussy willows or forsythia in the Spring and bunches of cut or wild flowers all summer long.  Daisys or black eyed Susans look great in blue as do Queen Annes lace and goldenrod.  In late summer they are no overpowered by large sunflowers, gladiolas or hydrangers (fresh or dried).  Colorful fall foliage or dried grasses or broad leafed forbs or holiday greenery carry through the rest of the year.  Of course they are always handy (and perhaps invitingly so) when someone unexpectedly brings you that bunch of fresh flowers.



Blue swirl body pitcher

15" high

Very good - excellent condition


Blue Swirl


Rear seamed

Very Good - Excellent condition


White Body Pitcher

labeled : Leopold & C     Email Supereur

near perfect condition


Blue w/ Narrow spout

Orig. Label: Sarrelouis Fraulau__n Sarre   Qualite Superieure

Very Good Condition


Cream w / Green trim

Recessed Bottom


Very Good Condition


Red Swirl

 15 X 8"

Good Condition

Hard color to find


Blue & Yellow Deco Octagon


15 1/2 X 8"

Unusual shape

Very Good Condition


Red & Blue Deco


15 X 7 1/2"


mfd by Japy

Good condition with some fading


White w Dk Blue Rim

14 X8"

Excellent condition


Lt. Blue Line


Blue w / Gold rings


Orange Swirl

15 X 8"

Rare color

Very Good codition


White w / Rounded bottom

14 X 8"


Excellent Condition



Brown & Tan Deco


15 X 8"

Cream inside

Rear Seam

Excellent Condition


Wht. w /Lt Blue Line Curved shape

No Price

Mosaic Pattern Round

10 X8"

Raised red, green & white checks

Lt. Blue line and gold trim

Matching Soap Dish

Excellent Condition


Harry and Ginny's Antique