Drip Trays / Utensil Racks

The function of these wall hung cooking utensil racks was to catch the drips and grease from the laddles, skimmers and spoons that were used during cooking.  These practical items were used in many European countries during the first half of the Twentieth Century.  Unless otherwise noted all of the trays curently up for sale are from France.  Today these colorful heavily enameled items make great decorative accent pieces.

Red Lustucru

Comes with two utensils.

19"H X 12"W  Drip pan 14"W

Excellent condition


Cobalt Blue Teepee

19"H X 12"W   drip pan 14"W

Very Good Condition


White w/ raised red check

Comes with two utensils.

19"H X 12"W   Pan is 6" wide

Excellent Condition


Lt.blue w/ raised white check

Comes with one utensil.

19"H X 12"W   Pan is 6" wide.

Excellent condition


Torquois w/ white lines

Matching Coffee Biggin in stock.

19"H X 12"W  Drip pan is 14" W

Very Good Condition


Red and white check

19"H X 12"W   Drip pan is 14" W

Good Condition


White w/ lt. blue lines and gold trim

19"H X 12"w  Drip pan 5 1/2" wide

Very Good Condition


Red drop check

19"H X 14" W  drip tray 6" wide

Very Good Condition


Green swirl

19"H X 14 1/2" W   drip pan 16 X 4 1/2"

Very Heavy

Excellent condition


Blue diamond

Cream colored background

19" X 14"  tray 6"W

Near Perfect Condition


Blue Sunrise Utensile Rack

Includes one spoon.

12 X 19"  Bottom drip tray 13 1/2" wide.

Condition is Very Good


Rose and Pansies w/ yellow border

19 X 12"

comes with three utensils

VG to EX condition


Yellow striped utensil rack

Manufactured by B & B

19 X 12"

condition is VG to EX


Garland tray with blue stripes

Very desirable blue garland pattern.

measures 19 X 12"

Excellent condition.


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